Facial Vibrating Beauty Bar

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The Facial Vibrating Beauty Bar (a.k.a beauty roller) is the perfect at home beauty device for energised and youthful skin. The bar is made up of brass and aluminium with a 24K gold plating on the T-shaped head.


This is a non-invasive procedure that yields 6,000 micro vibrations per minute giving your face the perfect amount of stimulation for multiple benefits!



The beauty roller’s vibrations aid in the increase of circulation and collagen production. This gives your face a contoured effect as facial muscles tighten any sagging and puffy skin and reduce wrinkles.


The negative ions released during the vibrations help combat signs of ageing as cell metabolism and blood circulation increase and free radicals are reduced.


The combination of the micro vibrations and emission of gold ions improves lymphatic circulation and removes toxins from the skin resulting in a reduction of blackheads and pimple breakouts.


The vibrations of the beauty roller mimics a facial massage which promotes activity in your skin cells and protein synthesis. This allows your skin to optimally absorb any product used.

How to Use

Step 1: Remove any make-up and cleanse face.


Step 2: Apply your favourite moisturiser/face oil/serum


Step 3: Insert an AA battery (not included) and switch the facial vibrating beauty bar on by turning the base in a clockwise motion.


Step 4: Once the beauty roller starts vibrating, use as follows:

    • For product absorption apply your desired face product and use the beauty roller in upwards or circular motions over entire face for 3-5 minutes. 


    • For lifting and firming use the beauty roller in an upwards motion under the contour lines of your cheeks and jaw with some pressure. Do this for 3-5 minutes on each side daily. 


    • To combat ageing continually roll the beauty roller over fine lines and wrinkles for  3-5 minutes daily.


    What is a Facial Vibrating  Beauty Bar?

    A Facial Vibrating Beauty bar is a vibrating beauty device engineered to give you firmer, youthful and energised looking skin. The Omana Facial Vibrating Beauty Bar is made of brass and aluminium with a gold plating on the T-shaped head. The Facial Vibrating Beauty Bar produces 6,000 micro vibrations per minute, providing multiple benefits to your skin!


    Does it hurt?

    No, using the Facial Vibrating Beauty Bar is a painless and non-invasive procedure. In fact, many find the vibrating sensation to be soothing and relaxing on their skin similar to a massage. 


    How often should I use it? 

    It is recommended to incorporate the Omana Facial Vibrating Beauty Bar in your daily skincare routine for optimal results. A session should last for at least 3-5 minutes daily. However, this the minimum recommended time. You can use the Facial Vibrating Beauty Bar for longer sessions to target specific problem areas if required.


    Does it need batteries?

    Yes, the Omana Facial Vibrating Beauty Bar requires one AA battery which is not included in your purchase online. 


    Is it waterproof?

    Yes, the Omana Facial Vibrating Beauty Bar is waterproof.


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    Omana Store Facial Vibrating Beauty Bar Review

    I love the Omana vibrating bar! It allows me to have 5-10 minutes of relaxation and some 'me time'. My skin was really dry and wasn't absorbing my moisturiser properly, but thanks to the Omana beauty bar my face is glowing. I can't wait to gift one to all my friends and family. Highly recommend!

    Lotte S.
    Australia Australia
    Omana Store Facial Vibrating Beauty Bar Review

    Best Buy! This device is the best for helping product absorb deep into the skin, gives your skin more plump looks like mini face lift, feels amazing and stimulates your skin giving many benefits it’s the best.

    Ebony B.
    Omana Store Facial Vibrating Beauty Bar Review

    Such a great way to up your skincare game! I’m loving this beauty bar. Not only does it feel amazing on my skin, but it helps to evenly apply my serums and doesn’t cause my skin to be stretched whilst doing so. Such a great way to ensure better absorption!

    Gold bar vibrating face tool

    Love it. Makes me take time to myself and let my face serums work for me

    Sarah W.
    Australia Australia