Omana store would like to put all our customers at ease in knowing that the products they have bought are protected by a money back guarantee! We offer all customers a 1-month money back guarantee.

In order to be eligible for the money back guarantee you need to have used our products exactly as prescribed by us. Your claim for a money back guarantee must be within 1-month from the date you received our product.

If you have followed the prescribed method to use our products - which are found on the product pages under 'how to use' and on the user manual sent with the products - you should have no issues or adverse reactions. However, if our products have caused a negative reaction to your skin, email with the following details to be eligible for a money back guarantee:

  • Order name
  • Order number
  • A picture of the affected area of your skin before using our product
  • A picture of the affected area of your skin after using our product

Once the above has been emailed to us, we will respond to you with a confirmation that you are eligible for a money back guarantee. Thereafter, we will provide you with the shipping address to return the product in its original packaging. When the items have been returned to the specified address, we will process a full refund to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.